Dunkin donuts and Orlando vacations, great match!

You might think that talking about dunkin donuts in an Orlando vacation guide is a bit out of place. But, lots of people love them, and many tourist feel that getting their morning coffee from a dunkin donuts shop feels like home. Besides, it’s my site and I feel like talking about them, so there! I have very few bad habits (no really).

But one habit I do have, or maybe it’s addiction, is that dunkin donuts coffee! I started drinking it when I was in my teens and have never had more than a day or two without it ever since. I love it nice and sweet, in fact about 5 dunkin donuts shops around here know just what to give me when they see me; large coffee, 7 creams 7 sugars.

Yes that’s a lot of cream and sugar in a coffee, but that’s the way I want it. Sweet, like my disposition! I can’t stand that bitter, burned starbucks or any of those other places. The last time I counted there was around 3 dozen dunkin donuts shops around the major Orlando theme parks and attractions. So if you like them too, you’ll have one to go to.

They all open very early, around 5:00 AM or so. Most carry a wide variety of donuts, cookies and pastries. Of course they also have bagels and sandwiches, along with pizza and a few other things. Many of them also have a Baskin-Robbins right in the store also. So you can get the kids an ice cream while you get your coffee.

They carry both hot and cold coffee, along with many flavored drinks and fruit drinks. It’s a good way to get your buzz going in the morning for the whole family! It may not be the healthiest stuff, but when your setting off to do lots of walking in the theme parks you’ll burn off those thousands of calories in no time!

The people that work in them are always very friendly. In fact I think I’ve dated a girl from every dunkin donuts shop I regularly go to! There’s a new one I’ve been going to that has a lovey lady I’d like to ask out. (if your reading this yes, it’s you dear, miss Kid Rock) 😉

So if you take in an Orlando vacation and love going to your local dunkin donuts, that’s one thing you don’t have to give up. Just drive down the main road and you’ll pass one within 10 miles or so. They can be a bit crowded in the morning, but that dunkin donuts coffee is well worth the wait! :)