Ellen DeGeneres Show taping at CityWalk Universal Studios

Ellen DeGeneres show taping at Universal Studios!

If your a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, you may have a chance to see her show live! On Sunday, April 3rd 2011 They will be taping two Ellen DeGeneres shows at CityWalk in Universal Studios Orlando.

The scheduled guest and times of the shows will be announced at a later date. There is no more audience tickets available, but you can still join in the fun at the “Riff Raff” street party.

There you can see the Ellen DeGeneres show being taped on the CityWalk plaza stage screen, and watch the musical guest perform live! From the sounds of it you will get taped and maybe be flashed as part of the show.

That’s because it says that people who are part of the Riff Raff party cannot wear any logos of any kind on their clothes or hats. You also cannot have any cameras or recording devices of any kind.

It’s a first come first served type of thing; whoever shows up in time gets to be part of the party. You do NOT have to buy a theme park ticket, but normal parking fees apply.

So if you want to see the Ellen DeGeneres show taping at CityWalk in Universal Studios Orlando, get there early on April 3rd 2011 and find out when the Riff Raff party is. Have fun! :)