Fall season best time for Orlando vacation theme parks visit

best time for a Orlando vacation is in the fall for Disney and Universal

Ok so my attempt at using one of my Vermont fall pictures and Tinkerbell is not so hot! I’ll do better next time. Now that fall is here I wanted to say something I’ve said before and I’ll say again; the fall season is the BEST time, in my opinion, for your Orlando vacation to see Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and the others.

The reason for this is many, and I’ll explain them all here. The summertime is actually the busiest time of the year for all the theme parks in Orlando. So, what happens when any area is at it’s peak for tourist? The prices for everything is the highest it will be all year long. Also, the crowds are the fullest, and the Florida sun is at it’s hottest. To me summer is the WORST time to come to Orlando!

But now that it’s fall, the summer crowds are gone. That means the prices for hotels, rental cars, airlines and so many other things are down. Or at least on their way down right now. It’s not as hot in the fall, yet still plenty warm. Most people underestimate how hot it gets here in Orlando in the summer. Also the afternoon thunderstorms are gone, or at least much fewer.

Fewer people around mean less crowds in the theme parks, which means shorter wait times for all the rides. So you actually can get more out of your visit to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. The snow birds, people that come down for the winter, many don’t start down until after Thanksgiving.

So you pay less for everything, no worry about finding an empty room at a hotel, the weather is better, the crowds are less. What’s not to like! Even the hurricane season is almost over, in case your the type that is scared of that. As for the water parks, trust me, it’s still hot enough for that. Fall in Orlando is normally around the high 70’s to low 80’s midday.

From now until the weekend before Thanksgiving is a great time for your Orlando vacation. Things pick up a week before and after Thanksgiving. But then it gets quiet again until a week before Christmas. Those are the times I recommend coming to Orlando for a fall vacation.

Now, are there any down sides to having a fall Orlando vacation? Well yes, nothings perfect! Because the tourist crowds are not as heavy, Disney and Universal cuts back on their special events. So you may not see as many parades or shows. The fireworks might be a little shorter and not as big. Little things like that are cut back to save on money.

Also the kids are back in school, which is a big problem. You don’t want to take them out of class when they are getting back into it. But, a week out of school for a dream vacation seems like a good trade off to me. I wish my parents had done that when I was a kid!

All the rides will still be going as normal. They may have a few down for maintenance, but they try to have them all going. The normal big shows will still go on and so on. Basically the only thing you might miss out on are extra stuff they do when the crowds are big. But, if you can’t get close to see this stuff due to the shear numbers of people, what’s the point!

You will be able to get on more rides, more times and have a more enjoyable day. When you stop to take in a Disney parade or Universal Studios show, you will not feel rushed to hurry up and get to the rides again, knowing that the lines are shorter. Your not going to pass out in the 105 degree heat of summer either!

Plus when it’s all over, your wait time at the airport will be shorter and more relaxing. So think about taking an Orlando vacation this fall, especially if you have no kids in school. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World will seem so much better on your fall Orlando vacation!