Florida summer sun equals sunburns!

Florida summer sunburns

Now that it’s summertime in Orlando Florida people are flocking to the beaches and spending more time outside. One thing most forget about is just how hot and intense the Florida sun is.

Since most are tourist from other places and countries they often have no idea that it’s easier to get a sunburn in Florida during the summer than where they are from. It can only take 10 minutes in the sun to get a nice red glow!

Florida has a more direct and closer distance to the sun than other places, thanks to being closer to the equator. Summer also puts it closer to the sun, plus most days are very sunny and cloud free.

That all adds up to being very easy for anyone to get a sunburn. I went out to the beach myself on Memorial day weekend. I had some spray on sunblock lotion I applied myself. But it’s hard to put that spray on stuff on evenly.

Plus I made the classic mistake of forgetting to put any on the tops of my feet. The result a day later was a funny, wavy pattern of red skin on my legs and body from where some of the spray on lotion did a good job and other areas it missed.

The tops of my feet got a nice red-purple burn, swelled up and looked very bad. It hurt for a week to walk! So imagine how others from the UK and up north got burned when they went out and did not use any.

If your going to go outside in the summer in Florida, you need to use sunblock, and good stuff! Use SPF 30 or higher at least. Put it on thick and rub it in good. Make sure you get all exposed areas, like your neck, face, arms and legs.

If your barefoot or wearing sandals make sure you put some on the tops of your feet. You don’t want that area burned, it hurts like hell! Of course if your at the beach put some on all other exposed areas.

Wear a light colored shirt and shorts when you can, and a wide hat helps too. If your at the beach use a sun umbrella or canopy to get some shade during the day. Make sure your kids have plenty of sunblock on and apply often.

So remember, it’s real easy to get a sunburn in Florida anywhere your skin is exposed. Use sunblock of SPF 30 or higher all over and apply often. And don’t forget the tops of your feet! :(