Flying to Orlando for your Disney vacation

Flying to Orlando for a Disney vacation

Millions of people every year fly to Orlando, Florida for a Disney or other type of vacation. Most of them come to see Disney, but there are many other things to do and see in Orlando. The two main airports that serve the Orlando area are the Orlando International airport and the Sanford International airport.

Both are popular airports for both domestic and International flights. You will find that all the major airlines service both airports. So if your looking for popular flights to Orlando chances are good it will include one of these two airports. Here is some information about each one to help you out.

The Orlando International airport is the biggest one, busier and a bit closer to most of the theme parks, including Disney. A unique feature of this airport is that all airline gates are at satellite terminals separate from the main airport terminal.

There are 3 main levels in the main terminal. Level 3 is where you find all the check in desk, security and airline gates. Plus all the restaurants and shops. Level 2 is where baggage claim is located. Level 1 is where you find all rental car desk, plus taxi and buses outside.

The Sanford International airport is smaller and you get to all the airline gates right from the main terminal, which is one huge building. There are two main levels. The upper level is where most of the airline gates are plus some food service areas.

The lower level is where baggage claim, most food service areas and other services are located. You also get to the rental cars and buses from the lower level. Terminal A is for International flights, Terminal B is for domestic flights.

Both airports have many taxi, mini buses and buses ready to take you to your destination. You can find most major rental car dealers right at the airports, so you don’t have to take a taxi to the rental place.

You can find a major hotel located right in the Orlando airport. The Orlando airport has the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport hotel. The Sanford airport has the Royal Palm Lounge, a great place to relax and get some good food.

Both airports are right near major expressways that will take you right to Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and the many hotels in the Orlando area. So if you fly into the Orlando or Sanford airport, you’ll have all the amenities and transportation services you need to get you to your vacation destination. :)