Gatorland youtube video in Orlando

Well everyone, today I’m having one of my lazy days! So, I thought I’d show you all a neat gatorland youtube video. You’ll notice when I’m having a bad day or not enough time I’ll throw in a quick you tube video! It’s not that they are bad, it’s just fast. One of Orlando’s smaller parks is Gatorland. It’s been around for a long time.

In fact one of the very first James Bond movies had a shot inside Gatorland. Over the years it has gotten bigger, and now it had hundreds of reptiles to see. From alligators, crocodiles, snakes and lizards, it has them all. They have several shows a day, including jumping alligators and of course alligator wrestling.

It’s fun for the whole family and good for a few hours or half a day. They even have a little train that goes around the park. So when you go on your Orlando vacation, if you like wildlife and reptiles, think about visiting Gatorland. I’ll write a more complete post about it sometime. But for today, enjoy this Gatorland youtube video! :)


  1. real wrestling only exists on the olympics, the wrestling on WWE is quite scripted’;-