Gay Days in Orlando and Disney 2010

Gay days 2010 at Orlando and Disney world

Well everyone, I made a mistake! I was suppose to have made this post a few weeks ago but it somehow got pushed up this late. I wanted to tell you all about this years Gay Days events in Orlando and Disney.

This year Gay Days is from June 1st to the 7th, this week! So I’m sorry this is late, and might not be of any use to you. But there is still a few more days to go at Gay Days, so what the heck.

In case you don’t know what Gay Days is, it’s an annual event in the Orlando area that attracts many gay tourist. It’s a week where there are many special events, parties and get to-gathers that attracts millions of gay tourist, who in turn spend millions of dollars here.

It’s also a time when many gays go to Disney and wear red shirts to show their support of gays around the world. Disney has some special events going on for Gay Days, as they want that money!

But there are many other events going on all over the Orlando area during Gay days. You can find pool parties, parades, comedy shows, concerts, Film Festivals and much more.

All the local nightclubs have Gay Days events going on, especially The Parliament House, one of the biggest gay clubs in Orlando. If your gay, Orlando is a great place to be this week!

So where do you find out about all the events going on? The best place to find out all about Gay Days events is to go to the official Gay Days website. Here you can read forums, blogs and a calendar of events for everything going on at this years Gay Days 2010.

So come on down if your gay, or even if your not! It’s a big party full of fun and good times with lots to see and do. Make sure you wear a red shirt if you go to Disney this week. 😉


  1. Nice article on Gay Days, however one note does not list all the events at Gay Days but only the ones that partner /pay to be listed. A full calendar can be found at Visit Gay Orlando where they have events for men & women attending Gay Days.