Getting free theme park tickets to see timeshares not worth it

I’ve got a funny story to tell you regarding Orlando timeshares. It’s a true one, not making it up. Way back when I first moved to Orlando I had one of my sisters come down for a visit. We did not have much money, in fact both of us were broke. I wanted her to see at least one theme park while she was down here, so I checked out the deals at timeshares.

Well it turns out that one was advertising a pair of free tickets to Sea World just to come in and take a tour of the timeshares. I forget how, but somehow we passed ourselves off as husband and wife (no redneck jokes here please). They asked for your drivers license and stuff, I forget what you needed but it was not much.

So on the day of the tour we went in and they had a free breakfast waiting for us. Actually there was around 20 couples there, all doing the same thing. That’s how they do that, round up a bunch for a morning breakfast and sales pitch. A guy came out and told us he was our guide and salesperson. So after we ate he led us to a timeshare unit, all the while just bursting with energy and so happy to be with us!

He was good, I have to say that. He quoted all kinds of facts and figures about how you can save money with timeshares verses hotel rooms, what a great investment it is and all that. The timeshare units were very nice, whirlpool bath, lots of extras, pretty pond and fountain to watch out your window. All the while being so nice and helpful, like he was doing us a favor just be being there.

Once we got back to the meeting room he started his hard sell. Everyone else was there too, having been shown a unit just like us. That’s when I started the whole thing of looking at my sister and saying “well dear, what do you think”? Each time I said it was a big decision and I wanted to think about it, he would do the whole “you can’t pass this up, you’ll save 30% by signing today” and so on.

NOW my new best friend was starting to get really aggressive, saying “what’s to think about, I CAN’T let you miss this fantastic deal” and so on. While he was doing this, all the others were getting the sales pitch from their new best friends too! Each time one signed the papers, they would ring a bell and have everyone clap for joy that this person made the right choice!!

Each time that happened my best,, uh,, frustrated friend seemed to get less and less friendly. He worded his pitch in a way that was like I just did not have a choice, I HAD to sign and do the right thing for myself and my wife! Well needless to say I turned him down each time until he knew it was over. At that point I must have done something to hurt his feelings, as my new best friend did not like me anymore!

As I asked where we went to get our free tickets he seemed to sneer at me and waved toward the back, ignoring my hand as I trying to thank him for his time. You see, he was already getting ready for the free brunch people coming in, the next batch of tourist that would be thrown his sales pitch. Somehow I knew he would find a new best friend with them!

So we got our tickets and got the heck out of there. I suppose we both got what was coming to us, I wanted free tickets and got them underhanded, he did his best to have me sign for something I could never afford. That’s how all those “get free tickets to see a timeshare” deals works. The salesmen are better than used car salesmen, and twice as aggressive.

I understand why. They get paid for each sale. So no sale, no money. They have nothing to lose by doing their best to sell you that timeshare. It’s their job, and they do it well. I have a feeling timeshare salesmen have a high turnover rate! Now, what is my point to this whole story, which by the way is true like I said?

The point is many tourist are approached, or see the ads and ask, about getting free tickets, discounted tickets, free meals, free merchandise or whatever else they are offering in return for touring a timeshare. Many think why not, it’s just a few hours right, we see some cool units, say no and get our free stuff.

But as I showed you in my story, they are very, very good! They also get very, very aggressive; they have to in order to keep offering that free stuff. By the time you leave you will be tired and mad, very mad! Or, you will now be a proud owner of a timeshare, so much for free! My point here is not to say timeshares are or are not worth it.

That’s up to each person that looks at one. My point is that doing it just for the free stuff is NOT worth it! If you really have no intention to buy one, don’t do it just to get the freebies. The mental stress and downright feeling of being used is not worth it. I’ll have articles telling you how to get cheap tickets without selling your pride, don’t worry! So take my advice, and don’t tour an Orlando timeshare for free tickets.


  1. Just browsing came across your story. I go to Florida 3 or 4 times each year with the family, couldn’t do it without a bit of ‘timeshare shopping’ saved hundreds over the years by ‘blagging’ free (not really ‘free’ anymore, heavily discounted) tickets or just the cash (used to be $100 but, developers ain’t so rich anymore lucky to get $70 now!). Anyway I can’t help but think you have this the wrong way around, the salesman’s mad because you WON, these things are a fight, a phycological battle of wills. I don’t want a timeshare salesman as a friend, who would? When he gets nasty and capitulates, that means your the winner, you got something for nothing, don’t feel bad about that! Walk out, head held high clutching your tickets with a bloody great grin on your face!

  2. Bob,

    You finance your vacations by mooching off of others? And actually feel proud about this? You’re worse than the salespeople… a dog with no value to society.