Going to try a new look for my site, what do you think?

New site look

Hey everyone, hope your all doing as best as you can in this cold month! I’ve been thinking about how my site looks for a while. It’s always been in a blog format, very plain.

Lots of people prefer a full website look because they don’t really understand a blog. I also am getting a lot of pages on here and want some way to showcase them better.

So I thought of trying a new look, making the home page into a normal website format with a bright, fun blue color as you see in the sample picture above. I like how the menu is at the top so you can see everything up there.

Then in the content I can make sections on my latest blog post, new theme park events, cruises, rides and so on. That way people know where to go to find stuff. Right now I think people get confused.

So I will be changing my site to the new look soon. I have to make some changes so all my pages fit right and figure out where everything should go. It will look better and easier to find stuff. :)