Happy 4th of July in Orlando, Florida!

4th of July in Orlando

Happy 4th of July everyone! It’s time to celebrate independence day with BBQ’s, outdoor fun and of course great fireworks. Here in Orlando we have lots of local firework displays to choose from.

Plus you can see unique displays at the local theme parks. Some of the most well known local fireworks are the Cranes Roost Park “Red, Hot and Boom” show at Altamonte Springs. This show was last night, the 3rd.

At downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park there will be a big party and fireworks show tonight. Activities start at 4 PM and go on until 10 PM. Fireworks start at 9:10 PM.

Disney will have some great fireworks as always. There will be special fireworks displays at the magic kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. However the best display will be at the Magic Kingdom.

There you can see a great show projected onto Cinderella’s Castle plus the fireworks and music. If you’ve never seen it there I highly recommend you check it out. However all the theme parks will be packed!

SeaWorld will also have a special 4th of July fireworks and show. They use water fountains, music and fireworks for their show. It’s pretty cool so check it out if your there.

Universal Studios does NOT have fireworks, due to fire safety codes in place because their hotels are so close to the parks. They do have a cool lit up show in the lagoon at the “old” park, but not real fireworks.

Plus don’t forget you can legally set off fireworks in Florida. So shoot some off yourself, and don’t be surprised if you hear a bunch of them going off near you. Happy 4th of July everyone! :)