Harry Potter action figures toys and collectibles store now open!

Harry Potter Action Figure
Harry Potter action figures

Well everyone, I’ve been able to make my first Harry Potter toy page already! This one has all the best Harry Potter action figures, plus quality collectible bust or statues of all the Harry Potter characters.

You can see the Harry Potter action figures page here, or look for the link in the top left menu in the sidebar. I will be keeping it up to date with all the latest Harry Potter action figures for the Holidays ahead.

Order of the Phoenix Series 1 – 7″ Action Figures, Set of 4

Not only does the page have all the popular Harry Potter action figures, it also has great high quality mini bust, or statues of the HP characters. These are great for collectors and fans that want to display all the Harry Potter characters.

In fact it can start to be a real addiction to collect all the HP characters and display them in a nice display case on your wall. You can even find some hard to find ones, like Nymphadora Tonks and more.

Professor Severus Snape (Year 6) Mini Bust
Severus Snape

There is also a selection of Harry Potter character diorama sets, something that is popular with many. I will add more of these as they become available to me. At the end of the Harry Potter action figures page is a selection of HP beast.

Such as the Mountain troll, Aragog, Death Eaters, Dementors and more. So you can find just about any type of Harry Potter action figures characters in this page.

Hermoine Granger Diorama
Hermoine Granger

Next I’m working on a page for Harry Potter magic wands, both kids type and collectible ones. High quality replica wands will also be sold in this page. I will make a few other pages of Harry Potter toys and merchandise too.

So check out my new Harry Potter action figures page and see if there is anything you like. If your looking for something you don’t see there just shoot me an email and I’ll find it for you. :)

Harry Potter “Half Blood Prince” Series 1 Set of 4 7″ Action Figures