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Harry Potter lego sets and games

Looking for high quality Harry Potter collectibles? Below are some of the best Harry Potter collectible items around. These are not toys but real quality figurines, pins, coins and other fine Harry Potter merchandise.

Like the Lucius Malfoy’s Walking Stick, complete with silver plated snake head and genuine crystals. Or the limited edition Buckbeak sculpture made from pewter. How about the Sterling silver Hogwarts House Pin/Pendant – Ravenclaw.

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The Horcrux locket

Harry Potter Sorcerer’s stone

Hermione Granger’s Time Turner

Harry Potter Marauders Map

Harry Potter locket from the cave replica

Gryffindor Sword letter opener

Harry Potter final challenge chess set

First task Dragons letter opener set

Harry Potter Chinese fireball pewter noble collection

Hogwarts House Pins

Hogwarts house pin/pendant slytherin

Harry Potter fluffy hagrid’s three headed dog

Harry Potter fans love collecting high quality figurines, pins, Harry Potter replica items and more. All these fine Harry Potter collectibles are from the Noble Collection, makers of fine collectors items from top movies.

Some are limited editions, with only a small number of them made. Once they sell out you can’t buy them anywhere. These types of Harry Potter collectibles will be worth a lot of money over time.

Harry Potter TRIWIZARD cup

Swedish short snout

Hogwarts house pin/pendant-Ravenclaw

Hogwarts house pin/pendant-Hufflepuff

Hogwarts house earings-Hufflepuff

Harry Potter welsh green

As you can see there is a lot of different Harry Potter collectibles items you can find. I already own the Nimbus 2001 model broom replica, and the Harry Potter Triwizard cup. They are really nice and a great addition to my Harry Potter collection.

Nimbus 2001 model broom

The mirror of Erised Sorcerer Stone

Harry Potter Buckbeak takes flight limited edition

Mechanical death eater

Lucius Malfoy’s walking stick

Harry Potter The gringotts bank coin collection

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They have everything Harry Potter; magic wands, action figures, toys, DVD’s, books and of course many quality Harry Potter collectibles. You can even find rare items no longer for sale new.

I will update this page with any new Harry Potter collectible items as they come out. I’m sure with the new Harry Potter movie we will see new collectibles made about it. Buy one today as a great gift for that Harry Potter fan!