Harry Potter wands inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Universal Studios

Harry potter wands

Harry Potter wands at Ollivander’s magic wand shop inside Universal Studios

One of the most popular items to buy inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios is a Harry Potter wand inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop. In fact there has been up to a two hour wait to get into the shop!

But there has been some confusion about what types of magic wands you can buy there. Ollivander’s magic wand shop is based on the same magic shop in the Harry Potter movies.

In the movie the wand “picked” Harry Potter. At the Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Harry Potter theme park the shop keeper ask every 20th or so kid to step up to the table. He then puts on a show and has a wand pick the kid.

However again it’s been so crowded and the shop is so small they have been rushing through that. They even put up a smaller cart outside it for those who just want to grab and pay for a wand.

If you wait until after 3:00 PM or so the lines should be smaller. There are basically two types of Harry Potter wands you can buy at Ollivander’s. The first is collectible character wands.

These magic wands are replicas of the ones used by Harry Potter, professor Dumbeldore, Sirius Black, Draco Malfoy and the others from the Harry Potter movies. You also can buy them in sets. They come with their own wand boxes.

The other kind of wand you can buy at Ollivander’s magic wand shop is personal magic wands for kids, or yourself if your a big kid! No two wands are the same and they come in many different names.

The core of each magic wand contains different things that give it it’s own magical properties. For instance the Elder wand has strong protective powers and is 14 inches long.

The Alder wand is associated with intelligence and strength and is 17.5 inches long. And so it goes, each one a bit different. They all come with their own magic wand box.

One question many ask is if the Harry Potter wands are made of real wood, and if so if they use different types of wood for different wands? It’s nice to think so, but from my sources they seem to all be made from sculpted resin.

So that’s what you can buy inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Collectible character wands and personal wands. If your lucky your kid may be picked to have a magic wand pick him or her.

You can buy many other Harry Potter toys and collectibles at the Harry Potter theme park, but the Harry Potter wands are the most popular by far. Ollivander’s wand shop should have been made bigger.

They have been running out of different types of Harry Potter wands each day and get more each day. Hopefully soon they will have plenty in stock. So make sure you stop into Ollivander’s magic wand shop and get your own Harry Potter wand!


  1. Hi there everyone. I am at the harry potter park as I type this out. The material of the wands is indeed resin/plastic. They do look real however in hand they may have a fake feel to some. They ate $29 and 31.25 after tax

  2. Cool, I’m not far from where you are. Enjoy your visit! :)

  3. it’s amazing what american’s will spend money on , totally useless junk

  4. Alright, whoever reads this thing i need to tell you. if you just want to buy a wand from character than you can go to the huge universal studios store near the city walk. it has almost everything from all the hogsmeade shops in there, including: the owls, wands, chocolate frogs, those gross jellybeans, and pretty much everything that is Gladrags Wizardwear, Honeydukes Sweetshop, Ollivander’s Wand Shop,
    and Zonko’s Joke Shop. I still looked around Ollivander’s and Honeyduke’s and Zonko’s but i only bought stuff from the city walk universal store. just be warned, all of the hogsmeade stuff is in the big store

  5. Hi John, thanks for the tip. You can find a lot of the popular Harry Potter items in that store, but only the most popular and best sellers. There are hundreds of Harry Potter items you still can only find in the Hogsmeade shops.

    There just is not enough room in that other store to carry them all. They put the most popular items from all the rides and parks in that store for people to buy as they leave.

    So there still are many things you can only find inside the Harry Potter land. But yes, you can find many of the most popular Harry Potter items in that store. Thanks again. :)

  6. Thank you John. I live in Orlando and need some Harry Potter gear for Easter baskets. I have been wondering if City Walk carried any of it. My son has a long list from the website. I am sure I can find at least some of it now. We do not plan to visit the theme parks until October, my son can hardly wait. This question has been concerning me for weeks. So very glad I found your post.

  7. Thanks John,
    I am going in a few days and got some birthday money and am going to buy a wand!

  8. Meaghan says:

    Hey guys, I just had one question. I have not been to the park yet and was considering purchasing the vine wand (the regular one, not hermione’s) from the online store. However, I watched a wand review on youtube for this very wand from a girl who had purchased it off Ebay. The handle of the wand was made out of Resin, but the shaft was made out of (she said) rubber. I was just curious if this seemed right. I would hope the whole wand would be made out of resin and maybe the guy just screwed her over. I’ve bought 4 wands from the noble collection and just don’t want to buy one that has rubber on it. Thanks!

  9. Hello Meaghan, thanks for asking. There are hundreds of different rip-off Harry Potter wands out there, not a surprise. So it’s hard to find a really good one. All the ones from the Noble collection are good quality, made of resin.

    The Harry Potter wands you see in the Universal Studios online store are made fully of resin, no rubber. Just make sure your at the official Universal Studios store. Chances are that girl got a cheap one.

    I hope you make it to the park one day and buy one from there! :)