Harry Potter wands store now added!

Harry Potter wands now ready!

I hope your not getting tired of all the Harry Potter post I’ve been making! I wanted to let you know I now have added a new Harry Potter magic wands store in my site here. :)

I’ve got a nice mix of them too. Some are top quality Harry Potter wand replicas in collectible cases. They are made to be collected and displayed, not to be played with by kids.

You can find a replica wand for every major Harry Potter character, like Hermione Granger’s Wand, Professor Lupin’s Wand, Bellatrix’s Wand and more. Collect the whole set!

There is also some great Harry Potter illuminating wands, for display or for kids who want a light up wand. The light is surprisingly bright on some of them, you can use them as flashlights!

Then for kids who want their own personal magic wand, there are several different wooden wands made of different types of wood and names. These are like the ones you can find at Ollivanders at the new Harry Potter theme park.

Finally there are some Harry Potter play wands, good for completing a costume or just for kids who want to play around with a magic wand. So you can find any type of Harry Potter wand you want in here.

I’ll update the page when new wands come out, as I’m sure there will be. Don’t forget to check out my Harry Potter action figures page too. If you don’t see a Harry Potter wand your looking for, ask me and I’ll try to get it. :)