Hotel room or a suite for your Orlando Vacation?

Written by Bill Manning

So you’ve decided your going to take the family on an Orlando vacation, great! You’ve also decided your going to get a hotel for your stay there. But there is one more thing to think about, and that is do you want to get a standard hotel room or a suite? First you need to know just what each one comes with and the pros and cons of each.

Many hotels only have standard hotel rooms. But there are quite a few in the Orlando area that also have suites. Some hotels only have suites in different sizes. So first lets look at what a hotel room gets you. Normally even a big hotel room will just be one large room with one or two double or king sized beds. It might also have a fold out couch.

So you can sleep about 6 in a large hotel room. It will have one bathroom and maybe a coat closet. The better ones will have the shower and toilet in one room with the vanity and sink separate. That way one can take a shower while others use the sink and mirror. It also will have some dressers, a table or two, a few chairs and so on.

The better hotel rooms will also have a microwave, mini or full sized fridge, TV and a safe. Coat hanger place and a few other things like a coffee maker round it out. For the most part this is what a hotel room will have, some less items than others. Most people can do quite well with just a hotel room.

But let’s say you have 3 or more kids, or are sharing your vacation with another couple. Maybe you really want to cook some of your own meals without having to rely on fast food your whole trip. Or you just like having lots of space, more like an apartment. Then a suite is what you need. But different hotels have their own ideas of what a suite is.

Hotel suites come in many different sizes and with many different amenities. A very basic suite is just an extra large room with more of a living room to it. It still has no kitchen, no real enclosed bedroom. More like an efficiency apartment without a kitchen. From there the list of extras you can find in a suite is limitless.

A hotel suite often has a full kitchen with microwave and oven, fridge and even all the plates, pots and silverware. Cupboards and pantry round it out, with some extra cookware. This is very good if you want to make some real cooked meals. After 5 days of fast food, a real meal from a grocery store taste great!

It may still have just one room with two beds and a couch. But the bigger ones can have up to 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. They can also have a real dining room and a living room. Basically an apartment. Of course really fancy ones can be better than your own home! But I’m talking about the normal, middle class suites here, okay! 😉

So if you want to be able to cook some meals, especially if you have a diet you need to stick too, a suite with kitchen is great. If your going with another couple, or your kids really want their own bedrooms, then separate bedrooms and an extra bath will really be nice. So here’s what to ask when asking about a hotel suite:

Does it have a full kitchen?
If it has a kitchen, does it have cookware and tableware?
Does it have separate bedrooms, and how many?
How many bathrooms does it have?

Those are the basic questions you’ll want to ask. You also might want to know if it has a dining room, living room and so on. It’s best to go to the hotels website; often they have pictures of the different size suites they have. Remember, a hotel suite does NOT mean it has a kitchen or separate bedrooms, make sure you ask!

Check out above for good deals on hotel rooms and suites in the Orlando area. Of course suites will always cost more than a normal hotel room, something else to keep in mind. Some suites are much higher in price, while others can be lower than a pricey hotel room. You’ll have to decide if a hotel suite or room is best for you. Orlando has many of both!

Written by Bill Manning