How far from the Orlando airport is Disney and other theme parks?

Orlando Florida map of airport distance to Disney, Universal, Sea World and other attractions

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One of the most asked questions I get is how far from the Orlando International airport is Walt Disney World, Sea World and all the other attractions. So I’ll give you a quick run-down in this post on the distance in miles from the Orlando airport to Disney and many other attractions and areas around the central Florida area.

The Orlando airport connects to major interstates and toll roads that gets you right to all the major attractions. You can pretty much stay on only one or two roads all the way to where your going. Reading all the road signs can be tricky, but for the most part it’s pretty simple to drive from the Orlando airport to where your going.

Now for the number one question I’m asked: how far is Walt Disney World from the Orlando airport? Disney itself is 44 square miles big, so it depends on what part your going to! But in general Disney World is about 22 miles from the Orlando airport.

Walt Disney World is around 15 miles from Universal Studios, and about 10 miles from Sea World. It’s about 20 miles from downtown Orlando. How much time it takes depends on the traffic, but normally you can get from the airport to Disney in around 15 to 20 minutes.

Sea World is about 17 miles from the Orlando airport, the closest of the three major parks. How far is Universal Studios from the Orlando airport? That is around 19 miles. You use different roads to get to some of the parks, which is why it sounds like all three are only a few miles from each other. But all are actually close together, only 10 minutes or so apart.

Downtown Orlando, the heart of the city, is about 15 miles from the Orlando airport. The main downtown district is not that big. Orlando itself is sprawled out for miles! There are not that many high-rises, most buildings downtown are only 10 stories or so high.

Let’s see how far other areas of central Florida are from the Orlando airport. It’s 54 miles from the Orlando airport to Daytona Beach if you take I-4, north-east. Cocoa Beach, a popular east coast beach, is 46 miles east of the Orlando airport. Kennedy space center, where the shuttle launch is, is 54 miles east of the Orlando airport.

Going the other way, Tampa is about 85 miles west of the Orlando airport. You can take I-4 all the way to Tampa. All the normal tourist strips that have all the hotels, gift shops and smaller attractions are within a few miles of all the major theme parks. Of course where your hotel is located will determine how far away you are from the theme parks.

You can get a hotel right on Disney or Universal Property, or be as far as 30 miles away from them! So it’s important to know ahead of time what parks and attractions your going to visit, and then pick a hotel or vacation home close to those areas. I hope this helps you out a bit on how far away most theme parks and attractions are from the Orlando airport!