Jungle Adventures Nature Park Near Orlando

Jungle Adventures nature park near Orlando

Besides taking in Disney and the other theme parks on your Orlando vacation, it’s nice to actually see a bit of the real Florida. If you’re dreaming about going on safari, but want something more civilized and affordable, then Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo is the best choice.

Located in the charmingly themed town of Christmas just outside Orlando, Jungle Adventures features a wildlife sanctuary and creature show. There are plenty of guided and do-it-yourself experiences, including nature walks, an up close alligator feeding adventure, boat rides aboard the Jungle Swamp Queen and much more.

This place has all kinds of native and migratory birds, but also tropical birds like macaws and parrots. Jungle Adventures is home to three Florida Panthers, dozens of alligators, black bears, baby gators, snakes, monkeys, lemurs and others. Your kids will love this park! It’s all so close to civilization…yet still a world apart.

The guides are very knowledgeable and ready to answer to all your questions. They even feed some of the alligators by hand. There are many things to do at Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo. You can take a boat ride on a river around this island in the middle of the park, explore habitats where gray wolves, black bears, deer, and other animals live or simply enjoy the entertainment program with a creepy nighttime swamp cruise finale.

What we love the most about this park is that you and your kids can feed the turtles, monkeys and baby gators while learning about these wild creatures. There is also a guided tour which includes an interpretive lesson at the Indian Village and other unique adventures.

Don’t forget to look for Swampy, the giant faux alligator smiling awaiting you from the road with open teeth. You’ll even meet a rare Florida panther and learn why she is endangered. Jungle Adventure Nature Park & Zoo is open every day of the year, so make sure you give it a try.

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo

26205 East Colonial Drive
Christmas, FL 32709-9628
Phone: 407-568-2885