Labor day events in Orlando Florida & theme parks

Labor day events in Orlando, Walt Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World

Well everyone, one more week and it’s Labor Day weekend in Orlando, Florida! That’s the signal that summer is over and fall is coming soon. Labor Day weekend sees many having outdoor cookouts, going to the beach and taking a dip in the pool. Here in Orlando it also means the last big crowds of tourist in the theme parks before school.

Last year I spent Labor Day weekend on the beach at Daytona Beach. Someone took a picture of me, and that’s why I’ve been working out ever since! Anyway,,,,, for those wondering what kind of events might be going on at the theme parks and around Orlando, there really is not that much more going on. The crowds will be bigger everywhere as many get in their last Holiday weekend of the summer.

But all the theme parks will just have their normal summer events. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World will have their normal nightly fireworks, parades and events. They might have a bit more fireworks than normal, a few more sales. The smaller attractions, stores and outlet malls generally have some big sales and discounts going on during Labor Day weekend.

The beaches will be packed, especially Daytona Beach and Cocoa beach, which are the two big ones close to Orlando. Traffic will be a pain, so plan on extra time on the road where ever your going. The airport traffic will also be bigger, so if your flying out around Labor Day Weekend allow extra time. Many tourist end their Orlando vacation at this time.

The biggest difference will be after Labor Day weekend. Because the crowds will be smaller and the peak summer tourist are gone, many of the theme parks cut back on the special events, parades and fireworks they will have. All the rides still go and they still have plenty of shows going on, but just not as many as in the summer.

That’s why I always say to have your Orlando Vacation in the fall after Labor Day weekend. Lots less people, prices are lower, not as hot and you can enjoy yourself more. So anyway if your doing anything in Orlando on Labor Day weekend plan on extra time for traffic and brace yourself for big crowds. Enjoy the last of the summer special events in the theme parks and please be careful out there! :)