Labor Day Weekend Events and Activities In Orlando Florida 2010

Labor day events in Orlando, Florida

September 4th to the 6th is Labor Day weekend 2010, only two weeks away. There will be lots of small activities and events going on around Orlando, Florida this Labor day as always.

Normally you don’t find any real big special events going on Labor Day weekend, just more people out doing the fun summer things they always do to have fun before school starts and fall sets in.

In fact Labor Day weekend is sort of seen as the last weekend many get out and do fun summer things. It’s seen in lots of the country as the end of summer and lots of seasonal places close down after Labor Day weekend.

But here in Orlando Florida it’s still hot and sunny all year long. However school does start after Labor Day, so to the kids and parents it’s a big thing. So just what will everyone be doing on Labor Day weekend here in Orlando?

Well the number 1 activity will be hitting the beach! With Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and several other popular beaches only 40 minutes or so away, you can be sure the ocean beaches will be packed.

Closer to Home, Lake Eola park in downtown Orlando always is filled with people on Labor Day weekend. This park has a beautiful lake you can walk or jog around, with several shops you can buy food and drinks at.

Or bring your own food and have a fun picnic at Lake Eola park. You can bring your dog and walk your pet around the lake. Just make sure it’s on a leash and you pick up after it.

Crane’s Roost Lake Park in Altamonte is another popular place for families to spend Labor Day weekend events in the Orlando area. Filled with small shops you can walk to and great restaurants it’s a fun place with lots of Labor Day activities.

Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios will all be very full over Labor Day weekend. In fact there is a good chance each park will fill to capacity and stop admitting people in the early afternoon.

Each one will have a few special Labor Day weekend events, like maybe a bigger parade, a bit more fireworks and so on. But for the most part you will not really see anything new at any of the theme parks on Labor Day weekend.

So if you hate crowds I would advise you to stay away from the theme parks. Instead check out some of the smaller attractions, like miniature golf, water parks or shopping malls. Although those will be packed also.

For a stress free Labor Day weekend, nothing beats a good grill in your own backyard! Burn,,, I mean cook up some hot-dogs and hamburgers, ice down some beers and have a family cook out.

Labor Day weekend events and activities in Orlando 2010 are many, so get out there and enjoy the fun. Just be prepared for crowds everywhere you go and take your time. If nothing else do a backyard cookout and skip the stress!