Latest news on new Harry Potter park expansion!

Latest news on Harry Potter park

I have news for all you Harry Potter fans! As someone who lives in Orlando, has friends who work at Universal and go there a lot, I sometimes get some inside news on upcoming attractions.

Now I’ve said in here before what I thought they are building over at the “old” Universal Studios park, where the now closed “Jaws” ride was. Up until now it was only speculation and rumors.

But I just heard from an inside source that they have announced concrete plans to the ones who need to know. I assume the news is not widely known anyways, I have not heard it in the news.

Basically it is true that they are going to build a second “Harry Potter land” or whatever you want to call it where the Jaws ride was. It also is true that the current Harry Potter park will connect to this new part via an elevated train!

That of course will be the Hogwarts Express train. I assume it will be one of the rides, with screens in place of windows so it looks like your right there where the train was in the books and movies.

This new expansion of Harry Potter will open in the summer of 2014, at the same time Universal Studios new hotel will open, Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

So in only a little more than a year you can enjoy a second Harry Potter park! They did not say but I KNOW the centerpiece ride will be an indoor roller coaster based on the Gringott’s bank scene. You heard it here first! :)