Living with the land ride at Disney’s Epcot

Living with the land ride at Epcot!

Living with the Land is one of the coolest and most exciting experiences at Disney World. This 14-minute boat ride explores agricultural advances in the rain forest and Africa.

Located within The Land pavilion at Disney’s Epcot theme park, it begins with an introduction of the land before humans came along. This one-of-a-kind attraction was originally called Listen to the Land and sailed through different environments.

Anyone who has ever been to Florida has probably visited Epcot Center, which was originally intended to be a futuristic model community. The Land, one of the most popular attractions at Epcot Park, is centered on agriculture and food.

Living with the land ride at Epcot!

This area covers six acres, featuring tall palm trees, food courts, and a futuristic glass greenhouse. Listen to the Land is a narrated boat ride that takes visitors through this greenhouse where real crops are grown using the latest agricultural technologies.

The boat starts its journey through the “Symphony of the Seed” segment and continues through the different climate areas, including the windswept plains of a small family farm, an African dessert, and a tropical rain forest.

This relaxing boat ride is geared towards adults, but kids will also find it interesting. You will be amazed at the wondrous ways scientists are helping people discover renewable farming techniques designed to make agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The most interesting part of the ride takes place in the Living Laboratory, which focuses on the future of agriculture. The plants in this area are grown through various methods of hydroponics.

The Living Laboratory has five different areas, including the Creative Greenhouse, String Greenhouse, Temperate Greenhouse, Aquacell, and Tropics Greenhouse.

The past, present and future of farming are displayed in this unique boat ride through a variety of means including scenes with film and Animatronics. The greenhouses are ever changing as they test new technologies and plant new crops, so there’s always something new to see.

Living with the land ride at Epcot!