Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise ride, Disney jungle cruise

Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise ride

The Jungle Cruise ride at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park takes you on a boat ride through the rivers of three continents. This classic Disney attraction features a brilliant and submersive theme, which makes it perfect for the entire family.

As for the ride, you are taken though the various jungles in the world during which you can see dozens of exotic animatronic animals. If you’re searching for a mild ride that caters to the whole family, Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride is an excellent option.

The boat will cruise through the world’s jungles, including the Amazon. Passengers will encounter gorillas, giant pythons, tigers, lions, playful elephants, king cobras and hyenas in their natural habitat. This popular ride captures the essence of the Magic Kingdom, taking guests through the exotic rivers of the world.

Many of the animals you will encounter in the Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise ride are very life like. Along the way, a cast member will act as your guide, pointing out explorers, head hunters, animals, ruins and other attractions.

The animatronic animals are fun to see on this ride, especially for small children. The guide comments on the animals coming up, tells jokes and presents real facts about the places you will see. Even though a majority of the jokes are standardized, they will bring a smile on your face.

The Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise ride is very pleasant and the vegetation seems real enough. Although there are boats constantly picking up new passengers, you will still feel as you were in a real jungle. There is nothing that should scare the kids, so you can take the whole family and enjoy this classical ride.

There is no height restrictions, so the whole family can enjoy Disney’s Jungle cruise ride. It’s one of the oldest and most popular rides at the Magic Kingdom. So be sure to go on the Disney jungle cruise ride at the Magic Kingdom when your there!