Many get the holiday blues at Christmas

Holiday blues

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. But the truth is, many don’t look forward to the whole Christmas season. It’s not because of the actual reason for Christmas, it’s because of all the other stuff that gets shoved in your face during this time of year. Many travel to family for the Hoidays, and for some that’s reason enough to get the blues!

For those in big family’s, you get the whole “so are we going to your parents house or mine Christmas day” fight. Then when you get there you have to pretend you really look forward to cousin Larry and his darling 4 kids, or try to remember all the distant relatives who say hi and you don’t have a clue who they are.

This year is even more trying for most, as the economy crunch has really cut into people’s lives. Many who thought they were going to be celebrating Christmas in their new home are now crammed in a tiny apt. and looking for work. Never mind who’s at fault, the point is it can really get you down. Everyone wants to give their kids what they want for Christmas.

Many will not be able to make that annual family get together, or do that Holiday vacation they always took. Many will have to somehow explain to the kids why there will not be many presents this year, if any at all. Somehow that puts a chill in the Holiday spirit ya know!

Then we have those who just broke up, had a death in the family, is going through a divorce and all that good stuff. Real life goes on, Christmas or not. Dealing with that while hearing all that happy Christmas music and seeing those plastic smiling faces on TV can make you want to take a shotgun to the mall!

You also can be single, or be away because of work. All the tidings of joy and togetherness of family talk can really make you feel bummed out if your single. What’s worst is that people make it seem like there’s something wrong with you if your not smiling like an idiot and make you feel bad for not being happy.

Well, there’s this thing called LIFE that goes on no matter what holiday people say it is. The fact is it’s very common for many people to get the holiday blues. Homeless people, singles, people in jail, people alone for the first time at Christmas, newly divorced couples and so many more. When you think about it, the picture perfect family on those Christmas cards are the exception, not the norm.

So don’t feel like your all alone if your feeling down this holiday season, because your not. This is a tough year for everyone, and for those already in a bad way it’s even worst. Remember that most of all that music, holiday lights and decorations is really there for commercial reasons to get you to buy stuff.

It’s not how many people feel, or how real family’s are. Christmas is always hyped up too much, your expectations of it just can’t match what it gets all blown up to be. So it’s okay if your feeling down, it’s okay if your poor, it’s okay if your really not in a “we wish you a merry Christmas” mood. Right now, most people feel more like singing “I will survive”!!!!