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After reading the post I have made so far, I realized I still have not said too much about myself. Why should you take my advice about how to plan your Orlando Disney vacation? What makes me so smart? Why am I doing this, out of the goodness of my heart? Well, let me fill you in some. My name is William, but I really prefer to be called Bill.

I live in Orlando, about 8 miles from Walt Disney World. I’m originally from Vermont, but have been in Florida for 16 years. I’m single and between 30 and 50 yrs. old! Yes, if your a woman and single by all means drop me a note! I love the theme parks and have worked at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. I have annual passes to both of those parks, plus Sea World.

The two years I worked at Disney I was a third shift maintenance man. “cast member” is what they call people that work at Disney. Because of my job I got to go into all the buildings, rides, back areas and so on. I worked in secure areas and places most don’t ever see. I worked in all three Disney parks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom was not open yet.

I made lots of friends and still have many that work there. I also was a contract worker for 2 years for a company that worked for Disney. Once again I got to go to places most did not, like the Disney Institute, Planet Hollywood and places like that. It was all fun, I had a good time during all those years.

Then for a year I worked at Universal Studios. That also was fun and it was at the time they were building Islands of Adventure. So it was a very interesting time. After that I was a self employed contractor at the Orlando International airport. So that’s why I know a lot about the airport and how it all works.

Finally I worked as a courier, driving all over Orlando, delivering stuff to the back end buildings of all the theme parks and so on. I know every road and place in Orlando well. Throughout all of this I always went to the parks a few times a week with friends and girlfriends, yes I HAVE had some luck with women!

I’ve visited every attraction big and small, been to every club, bar, nightspot, fast food join, restaurant, mall, shopping center and everything else. I’m active, so I keep up on what’s going on around Orlando. I also am an amateur photographer, so most of the pictures you see in here are ones I took myself.

I also jog each day and took flying lessons, hope to get my pilots license one day when I can afford it! About a year ago I started building websites and doing online work. I thought to myself, if I could make a website about Orlando and the parks, giving tourist all the information I know, that would be a dream job!

But, I would need to make money off the site in order to do that. So, I have those google ads you see at the top of the site and inside my post like this one. I also have banners in the sidebars that I get paid for. So, I get to spend my time going to Disney and Universal Studios, reviewing the rides and seeing what’s new.

Then I post what I know here for all you tourist that wants to know everything you can about Orlando vacations. It’s a win-win deal; I get paid to have fun in the parks and you get honest, up to date information about how to plan your Orlando Disney vacation! Talk about a dream job huh!

I try to give you all the best tips and information I can find, that’s my job. If I make this site good and helpful, more people look at it, and I make more by people clicking the ads I have on it. So It’s in my best interest to really supply good, honest and helpful information here so everyone gets something out of it.

Now you know who I am and why I have this site, Orlando Inside. Please, always feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything. I’ll always try my best to help you out, as long as it’s about Orlando or anything in or about it. And if your a single woman, how about a first date at Walt Disney World! 😉