More airline luggage cost means more reason to pack light

packing light for airline travel with rising luggage cost

More and more flying the friendly sky’s means paying for every single thing you carry. With airlines cutting cost they are now resorting to charging for more meals, drinks, little niceties and luggage. They also are not letting you get away with that over-sized carry-on bag like they use to. More and more airlines are charging per item of each checked bag, or after the first one.

Which means all the more reason to learn how to pack light! I must say over packing for trips is a pet peeve of mine. When I see a couple with no kids check in 5 bags plus 2 carry-ons each I have to shake my head and roll my eyes. True, I don’t know anything about them. Maybe they are going on an Brazilian expedition and they have a rubber raft in that luggage, but likely not!

Most people always over pack way too much stuff. When I go on a vacation I take just two carry-ons. One is my laptop, as I am always working on it of course. That’s how I post all these great articles even while on a trip! 😉 The other one is a soft bag with all my other stuff, small enough to fit any airlines carry-on bag size limits. That’s it!

For 90% of people on vacation that would be plenty for them too. Even less actually because most don’t bring a laptop. Yet they all seem to bring about 3 bags each, and big ones at that. Why, what the heck is in there? You don’t need to bring an alarm clock, or more than one extra pair of shoes than what your already wearing.

Since you have to limit your personal care products because of the security regulations don’t even bother with them. For 10 bucks at the nearest shop where your going you can pick up all that, in trial sizes even since your not staying long. A few pairs of pants, a weeks worth of underwear and socks, a few tops, shirts, blouses and skirts depending on if your a man or woman (or crossdresser).

Add some belts, personal items, your fav CD’s and other electronics and so on. Don’t forget your wearing a full outfit already. Keep your coat and sweater on if your going where it’s cold. No need to bring any towels as you use the ones at the hotel or your guest if staying with friends. All the above can easily fit in one or two carry-on bags that are NOT over-sized!

If you have kids, limit each one to just two of their favorite toys. Don’t forget each kid also can have two carry-ons, just like everyone. However a backpack is better for them as it is easier for them to carry it and less likely they will lose it. Now, having said all that I KNOW some have good reason for bringing a lot. I’m talking about the 90% of tourist coming for an Orlando vacation.

So the next time your packing for a trip, lay everything out on your bed and look at it. Do you REALLY need 3 pairs of shoes? Can you go a week without your big fuzzy bathrobe? Can’t you buy shaving cream and shampoo at your destination? Really think about what you can do without and what you can pick up here in Orlando. Traveling light makes a trip much more enjoyable!