My mom on the local news!

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Well everyone, I have something totally different to share with you all today! My mom lives in Vermont, where I was born and raised. She lives in an elderly type apt. home. Her apartment in way at the end, right by a corner where two roads meet.

Well a few days ago some kid was driving fast through town around 2 AM in the morning. A cop started to chase him and he drove down toward where my mom lives.

He lost control of the car, went right between two trees and hit the back side of her apartment right where her bedroom is! It punctured a small hole in the wall and knocked everything around inside.

My mom happened to be sleeping out in the living room so she was not hurt, just shook up. Anyways the local news crew came over that day and did a little story about it with my mom. So please check out the video above and see my mom! :)