New Avatar Land being built at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

Disney building new Avatar land at Animal Kingdom

For all you Avatar fans out there, Disney is planning something monumental, just for you. It’s Avatar Land! Avatar Land will be located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and construction will begin in 2013.

It’s scheduled to open to the public in 2016. Disney recently retained the rights to use the Avatar theme, and they include not just the rights to the original film, but also to the sequels that are planned for 2014 and 2015.

The first Avatar Land completed will be at Orlando’s Disney World, but eventually, all the Disney parks worldwide will include Avatar attractions.

This is going to be awesome! The $400-$500 million project is going to recreate the magical world of Pandora in Central Florida and will feature all kinds of dazzling special effects, including holographic 3-D technology and animatronics.

Avatar’s director, James Cameron, is working with the Disney folks to ensure that the project is as realistic as possible. His hope is that guests to Avatar Land will actually immerse themselves into the belief that they’re on Pandora, with all its scenery, emotions, and even its smells.

The unique Na’vi culture will also be featured. Cameron says that some of the creatures from the original movie will be brought to life at Avatar Land, along with new creatures that the public hasn’t yet met. You’ll have to wait for the sequels for those.

Avatar holds the place as the biggest blockbuster movie of all time, based on ticket sales. The film has dedicated and enthusiastic fans all over the world, so it’s not surprising that the opening of Avatar Land is eagerly awaited.