New baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

Hey everyone, for you SeaWorld and dolphin fans I thought I’d show you a few pictures of the latest addition over at SeaWorld Orlando. About a week ago a brand new baby dolphin was born!

This cute Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin was born to Ariel, a dolphin they have had for a while. It weighs 35 pounds but is growing fast. They have mom and the baby in the dolphin nursery tank.

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

The dolphin nursery is where expectant dolphins, mothers and calfs live for several years before being moved to a new home in the dolphin cove habitat.

Right now there are 8 adult dolphins and 3 dolphin calfs living in the nursery. The new baby has not been named yet and they don’t know the gender of it as of now.

So if you go to SeaWorld soon make sure you head over to the dolphin nursery tank and see the brand new baby dolphin. Mom and baby are doing fine and making guest happy as they see the cute new baby!

SeaWorld Orlando is open all year from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM with extended hours during holidays. Spend a day there and see all the wonderful marine life and check out the great rides!

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando