New Harry Potter ride youtube video from Universal Studios

For you Harry Potter fans, here’s a new youtube video of the line going into the Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride. Yes, they are letting in regular guest for the soft opening finally.

But only a few at a time, and only for a few hours each time. They are trying to get the bugs out of everything and see how things work with crowds in there. Some places you can already see are going to be packed.

The main ride however is getting rave reviews, so that’s a good sign. Check out the video above of Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride line. It’s long but if your a big fan you’ll love seeing everything.

They should be letting more and more people in until they finally open it up fully on June 18th. You can try to luck out and hang around there before the 18th to see if you can get in for one of the soft openings.