New Orlando youtube channel for my tourist site!

Click here for my Orlando tourist youtube channel!

Well everyone I’m really excited about the past few days. I got myself a cool new camcorder! I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time, and finally got one. It’s nothing fancy, a Panasonic SDR-S26. But it’s great for youtube videos, with a 70X zoom on it!

I also just opened up my own youtube video channel, click the link to see it and all my videos so far. Right now I just have some picture slide show videos I made. But very soon I’ll be taking a lot of videos of Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and so much more here in Orlando.

In fact next Sat. I’m going to Universal Studios Mardi Gras and take a nice video of that parade. Plus bike week in Daytona is almost here and I’ll take a lot up there. I can see how I’ll be spending more time in the theme parks taking videos of the rides!

If you like Disney and other Orlando area theme park and attractions youtube videos, please visit my youtube channel and send me a friend invite. I’ll be sure to add you and then you’ll be able to see all my videos as I make them.

Or if you have your own tourist youtube channel let me know and I’ll be glad to join you as a friend and check out your videos. So hopefully I’ll be posting a lot of my own videos on here soon. The one above is my Macy’s parade at Universal video. Again join my youtube video channel and say hi!