New rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster at Fl. EcoSafaris!

New rattlesnake zip line roller coaster!

For those outdoorsy types who love zip-lines, there is now a new and very cool type of zip-line ride over at Florida EcoSafaris. It’s the Rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster!

Yes you heard right, a zip-line that is a roller coaster. In fact it’s the first one in the USA. So just what is a zip-line roller coaster? Well it’s basically a zip-line that has a ridged rail system at the top.

Because it has a rail system for the top they can bend and loop it around trees. The system is held in place by normal suspension wires. So you get a zip-line ride plus curves and twist with a few drops.

Normal zip-lines go in a straight line. So this adds a different and fun aspect to the whole thing. An evolution of zip-lines into fun amusement type rides. There is only one other zip-line roller coaster in the world in Mexico.

It’s not a really fast or jarring ride, as you can only do so much hanging from a wire while sailing between trees! But it is a lot more fun than a normal straight zip-line with some cool turns and twist.

Riders take off from a 65 foot tower and the zip-line itself is 1,000 feet long. The ride last about one minute. It’s grand opening is today, as well as several other cool zip-line and free fall rides at Florida EcoSafaris.

Florida EcoSafaris is located in St. Cloud and is part of the 4,700-acre Forever Florida conservation area. There are 6 different adventure rides you can experience, including horseback riding.

So check out this cool place and ride the first zip-line roller coaster in the USA, the Rattlesnake! See their website below for lots more information. :)

What: Florida EcoSafaris
Where: 4755 N. Kenansville Road, St. Cloud 407-957-9794
Website: Florida EcoSafaris