New years eve almost here for theme park fireworks

Get your theme park plans ready for new years eve

I know Christmas has not even gotten here yet but I thought it was a good time to remind you to get your tickets and plans finalized if your going to go to a theme park here in Orlando for New Years Eve.

The big 3 theme parks; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld will all have their own unique New Years eve parties and shows. Most will have midnight fireworks, but not all of them. I have articles about them all.

For what’s going on at Walt Disney World, check out my Disney New Years events page to see what’s going on. The Magic Kingdom will be the best place for New Years parades, shows and fireworks.

It also will be the most crowded and it WILL fill to capacity, so you want to get into the park in the morning and stay all day. Hollywood Studios and Epcot will also have great shows and fireworks. Animal Kingdom will not however.

Universal Studios will have their CityWalk New Years eve bash, which requires a special ticket and everyone must be 21 or older. It features great live music, free buffet foods and champagne toast at midnight. However there will be NO fireworks, at CityWalk or in the two theme parks.

Finally over at SeaWorld for New Years you will be able to see all the shows that have been going on for Christmas, plus a great New Years eve show that features water fountains, music, live shows and a great fireworks display.

They also will have a live DJ you can dance to with great shopping places to buy some cool gifts. So plan ahead now and figure out what park is the most suitable for you.