New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World Orlando

Well it’s New Year’s eve, and I’m a little late telling you what’s going on at Walt Disney World Orlando for the big new year’s blow out parties. But what the heck, I’ll tell you anyway in case your trying to figure out what to do. All of Disney World Orlando parks will have fireworks except Animal Kingdom, with some extra parades and shows. The weather is looking great, maybe in the 50’s at night. Bring a sweater or light coat.

I recommend picking just ONE Disney park and staying there all day until you leave. It’s going to be very crowded, and the parks may reach capacity. Once that happens they will not let anyone else in. So it would really suck to leave one park to find you can’t get into the other one after spending 30 minutes getting out of the first one!

At the Magic Kingdom there will be Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade, with Spectromagic shows two times in the early evening. Then at 11:50pm Fantasy in the Sky fireworks will begin, a very big fireworks show shooting up from behind the castle. It’s a great show with many very big firework displays.

At Epcot at 7:40 and 11:50 is a special version of Illuminations that will light up the sky. That show is very nice, lots of colors and even lasers. The fireworks tend to be lower ones, with lots of full, bright lights. It does tend to get very crowded around the lake where the fireworks are. I like standing on the bridge that goes over to the back area when the fireworks start.

Then we have Disney Hollywood Studios, which is where I spend most of my time when I worked for Disney. At 11:50 will be the “lights, camera, Happy New Year’s” fireworks display. That fireworks show is always a blast, with lots of fireworks and lots of different colors and displays. So, which park should you go to?

Well, since you should get there early and spend all day, you should pick the park your kids will enjoy the rides the most. Of course if you already have been to the others and have one left, then pick that one. All the parks have fantastic firework shows, and all have plenty to do for a whole day. But if your a real fireworks nut, pick Disney Hollywood Studios. Happy New Year everyone!