On my own vacation to Vermont!

Vermont covered bridge

Well everyone, today I take off on my own vacation! Since I’m from Vermont I’m flying up for two weeks to see the family. I also have a friend that I will get paid to help with a project, so it’s a bit of a working vacation too. The fall foliage in the northern part of Vermont is almost over, and that’s where I’m going.

So maybe I’ll take a trip down to the southern part and try to get some pictures of the fall leaves. It’s really beautiful in the fall in Vermont. But, cold weather is right behind it, which I hate and is why I’m in Florida! Anyway let me tell you what I packed and how I do it for some travel tips.

I’m going to be gone 10 days. I have two carry-on bags; a laptop case and a small soft duffel type of bag. My laptop is in the laptop case of course, as well as my phone, cords, headphones, a few office things and so on. It’s a checkpoint friendly case. That means at the security point I just unzip the bag in half, no need to take out the laptop!

In my soft duffel bag I have 6 pairs each of socks, t-shirts and briefs (I’m not a boxer guy). A few sweat shirts for the cold, one pair of jeans, two nice long sleeve shirts, a camera and a few personal items. Now I’m also wearing a full outfit too, and wearing a nice pair of sneakers that will be my only footwear.

I have no liquids at all on me, so I don’t have to take out a clear bag for them to inspect. Once I arrive I’ll stop in the nearest shop and buy shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and so on. I DO have my toothbrush, aspirin, shavers and a few other things.

That’s it, that is everything I take. No checked baggage or anything else. That will be plenty for 10 days, and I’ll only need to do a load of wash twice; once half way through my stay and once just before leaving. Anything else I may want I can always buy it there. Of course, traveling with kids, as most do, is much different!

I will keep making post while up there, I always work on my vacations. But I’ll be sure to have fun too, visiting my old stomping grounds and seeing how much everything has changed. I’ll post some pictures when I get back for you to enjoy! :)