Orlando Airport

Below is information on the Orlando International airport, or GOAA. The map shows the main terminal, with the four hubs that connect by automatic monorail cars. The hubs are where all the gates are where you actually board the planes. Make sure you know what gate you need to go to and pick the right hub, as it will take 15 minutes or longer to come back to the main airport terminal and get on the right one.

Unlike most large airports, the main terminal is very compact in size. You can walk from one end to the other in only 5 minutes. That’s because the actually gates where you board the planes are in the hubs, which you get to via automatic monorails. It makes the Orlando airport more streamlined and less confusing than say JFK, where you have to walk forever it seems!

Orlando international airport terminal map
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Orlando airport terminal levels

At the main airport terminal, there are 3 levels that most passengers use. Level 3 is where all the check-in lines, security and gates are. This also is where all the airport shops, food courts, rest rooms and other normal passenger services are. You can drop off or pick up passengers here at this level. However you can NOT leave your car unattended, or it WILL be towed!

If you need to park for more than a few minutes, use the parking garages located on both sides of the main terminal. You can also leave your car there if your flying out. There is a daily parking fee to use the parking garage. Taking the elevator down to the terminal level takes you to an underground walkway that connects to the main terminal.

Level 2 is the baggage claim area. This is where all the checked baggage carousels are. There is curbside pickup on this level if you have someone picking you up. For taxi and bus service, proceed to level 1.

Level 1 is where all the rental car booths are. This also is where all the taxi and bus services are located outside. Disney’s buses, limos and all other transportation services can be found in this level.

Orlando airport gift shops and shopping

Walt Disney World store in the Orlando airport terminalSea World store in the Orlando airport terminal

Like all airports, the Orlando International airport has many gift shops, shopping stores and book/newspaper booths. They are all located in the main terminal level 3, as well as in the gate hubs. You can find a Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World store in the main terminal.

There are many specialty shops also, like a Harley Davidson shop, Explorer store, NASA shop and many others. Of course you can find plenty of the small luggage, sunglasses, perfume, gifts and other small shops too. The shops located in the gate hubs are smaller, normally selling books, newspapers and the usual airport items like candy, personal products and so on.

Universal Studios store in the Orlando airport terminalNASA store in the Orlando airport terminal

Orlando airport food courts and restaurants

The Orlando airport main terminal has a central food court with many different chain food restaurants, like Mcdonalds, pizza places and more. You also can find several smaller specialty food shops that have coffee, sandwiches and other items. There are also several bars and a few upscale restaurants. Starbucks seems to be the main coffee chain at the airport, as you can find several of them. Too bad for me as I love Dunkin Doughnuts coffee!

At each gate hub you also can find several fast food chains and smaller snack and drinks booths. Since you already pass security to get to the hubs, you can buy drinks there and carry them onto the plane. Same goes for snacks bought at the hubs.

Mcdonalds in the Orlando airport terminalStarbucks in the Orlando airport terminal

Banking, internet, postal and other services at the Orlando airport

There is a Bank of America bank inside the main terminal, as well as ATM machines throughout both the main terminal and gate hubs. There is a small post office in the main terminal, as well as FedEx and UPS drop boxes. You can use free wi-fi wireless internet the airport provides in all public areas. You also can pick up all the big cellar phone companies signals for your cell phone and wireless USB devices.

There also are internet machines you can use for a fee to access the internet. Pay phones, shoe shines and lots of other normal services are also available in the main terminal, but not many in the gate hubs. Finally the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport hotel is located in the main terminal.

Bank in the Orlando airport terminalInternet service in the Orlando airport terminal

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