Orlando airport flight prices up sharply this summer

Orlando airline prices up this summer

With summer just a few months away it looks like airline flights coming into and out of the Orlando, Florida area will be up sharply this summer. Higher fuel prices are making the cost of flying go up this year.

For instance some of the more popular Orlando flights are up $50.00 to $70.00 above what they were last year. That’s not too much if it’s a single person. But since Orlando is home to Disney most flying in are families.

So when you take a family of four into consideration that higher price for each one can really hurt. It’s too early to say just how high Orlando airline prices will go, if they go higher.

But it definitely is looking like an expensive year for flying into or out of Orlando, Florida this year. Actually airline prices should be up across the country this year with higher fuel cost.

If your not too far away you might want to think about driving to Orlando for your vacation this year instead of flying. Of course that is not an option for overseas vacationers or people who live far away.

Some of the best ways to save money on airline flights this year is to not fly during holiday seasons, like on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If you have to fly during those times try going a bit earlier than normal. Also don’t book a flight too early. It can actually cost more to book a flight far in advance.

That’s because airlines assume early bookers have their heart set on a specific destination. In fact I myself have been checking for prices for an upcoming trip and I was surprised to see the best prices now, lower than a few weeks ago.

So prepare to pay more for an Orlando, Florida flight this year. Avoid the holidays if you can and don’t book too far in advance. :)