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Rental cars, how we love them and hate them! I could make 50 post about rental cars in Orlando, and I’m sure I will. So I’m going to just talk a little bit about them in each post. Today I’ll just give you some basics about getting a rental car at or near the Orlando International airport. Orlando is one of the biggest rental car cities in the world.

As you would expect, there are many rental car companies that have an office and cars right there at the airport. There also are many others very close to the airport, around 1 to 5 miles. Almost all of them have regular bus and van services to and from the Orlando airport many times a day. So lets say you decide your going to get a rental car, truck or van for your Orlando vacation.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself is MAKE A RESERVATION FOR A RENTAL! Please don’t wait until you get there and figure you’ll just pick out whatever is cheapest. Your going to be tired from the trip and if you have kids they will be hungry and tired also. You want to grab your car and get the heck out of there, not wait in another long line!

In fact you normally can get cheaper prices by shopping online ahead of time. Price line for example in the ad above can save you lots of money by comparing and doing the dickering for you. Orlando has some of the cheapest rental car rates in the world. A mid-size car can be had for $18.00 per day or even less. Most all rental cars in Orlando also come with unlimited miles.

So that means you don’t have to worry about going over your daily miles if you want to check out Daytona beach or something. Almost all rental cars and trucks are automatic. In fact your going to have a hard time finding a standard shift if by some reason you want one. There are many sizes of cars to choose from as well as SUV’s and mini vans.

Because Orlando is a very family oriented vacation destination the rental dealers have many mini vans, full size cars and SUV’s. You can find anything you want, even full size passenger vans, pickup trucks, many types of hybrids and also exotic cars. If you have the money you can rent a sportscar, motorcycle, even a hummer!

Let’s get back to those rental places in and around the Orlando airport. There are 6 rental car agencies located right in the airport so you never have to leave the airport to get a car. they are:


Those six are right there at the airport. Now, there are many other car rental places very close to the airport that have buses and vans that pick up and drop off people all day long at the airport. Some of the bigger ones are Enterprise and Hertz. There are about a dozen others within a mile or so from the airport. You always have a few new ones that come and go each year too!

It’s up to you if you want to just go with one right there at the airport or spend a few extra minutes having them take you to their close by off airport location. Of course you may have a rental car brand you always use or really like. Another thing is what make and model car you want. Different rental car agencies use different car brands.

Also many hotels have rental cars right there. Once you make a reservation with a hotel that includes a rental they make sure they get that car for you and have it ready right there at the hotel. You just have to take a bus, taxi or their own bus from the airport to the hotel and back.

That’s a little peek into the rental car system at the Orlando airport. I’ll write more in depth post about rental cars in the future. My main advice is make a reservation for a car before you come down. Try Price Line at the top of this post and get the best deal you can find, then lock it in and forget about it! :)


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