Orlando area and theme park Oktoberfest events

Orlando area and theme park Oktoberfest events

Since Orlando is a major tourist and party place, it’s only natural that a lot of events are going on around here for the 2009 Oktoberfest celebrations! Based on the fall event from Germany, Oktoberfest features lots of German dances, songs and lots of different types of German beer to sample! Just about every club, bar, restaurant and theme park is having their own version of Oktoberfest.

The biggest and most recognizable Orlando Oktoberfest celebration is at Disney’s Epcot Center, where the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is taking place until Nov. 9th. Celebrate Oktoberfest with a festive show at the fabulous Biergarten located in the Germany location. Dance to authentic German music and song. Enjoy the oom-pah sound of the band and yodel and sing along with the group.

Other places throughout the park will have Oktoberfest events and of course different Germany beer to sample. Just about every Disney theme park will have something for Oktoberfest, from German toys to special German dances and songs plus more Germany beer selections in different restaurants.

Disney’s Celebration, a small town built by Disney, will have lots of fun events going on, from German music and dances to hay rides, pumpkin painting and lots of German beer of course! Check out their events calendar here at Disney’s Celebration.

Both Universal Studios and Sea World will have their own small versions of Oktoberfest, from special Germany beers to German song and dance events. Universal is gearing up for their Halloween horror nights, so if you love that don’t miss it. However you need to buy special event tickets for that.

Out in Daytona Beach, around 60 miles away, is the annual Biketoberfest. A spin off from Bike Week, Biketoberfest has plenty of events going on throughout the Daytona Beach area. Held from October 15th to 18th, there will be lots of bikers checking out all the booths, bars and events. Check out the official Biketoberfest website for more information.

Finally in and around the Orlando area will be dozens if not hundreds of smaller Oktoberfest events. Just about all the downtown bars and restaurants will have their version of a German Oktoberfest, from German food, music, German bar maids and of course lots of specialty German beers to chug down!

Even some smaller towns around the Orlando area will have a central German themed Oktoberfest event going on. For a list of Orlando area events check out the Orlando events website. So if you like beer and want to try some great German suds, check out some of the Orlando area Oktoberfest events. Me, I’ll be checking out those German barmaids! 😉