Orlando Disney holiday season still light this year

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas day! I myself roasted a whole chicken and watched some movies on my computer, fun fun! I also took a drive out to Disney, but I did not actually go into the parks. In hindsight I think I should have, because it was very light crowds, at least for the holiday season.

I took a look at the parking spots and a few other ways I know of to peek into the parks without actually going in. (sorry, can’t tell you how) 😉 It is DEAD around Disney for a holiday season! I see that last month the hotels had only a 53% occupancy according to the local results that keep track of those things.

That pretty much mirrored what I’ve been saying and seeing. So that means the other parks like Universal Studios and Sea World also had light Christmas day crowds. The ones that are here are really having a good time with no crowds and low prices. I have to wonder if they know how lucky they are to be here this year.

I did see a lot of the Christmas day fireworks. They seemed to be as good if not better than last years. It’s nice to know Disney did not skimp on the fireworks because of the light crowds. They do cut back on things when crowds are not big, even though a casual tourist would never know that. All in all Disney really did a fantastic job with the Christmas day parade and fireworks.

So that means that New Year’s holiday at Disney World and the other parks should still be very light, for this time of year that is. After the new year’s I expect the whole winter season to be very slow. If you can afford it and get the time, come down for New Year’s or the winter months and have a Disney World Orlando Florida vacation. Light crowds and low prices equal a good time! 😮