Orlando Florida boast world’s largest McDonald’s

World's largest McDonalds in Orlando, Florida

One interesting fact here in Orlando is that it boast the worlds largest McDonald’s. Actually that has been debated, as there are several McDonald’s around the world that are about the same size. But in any case the one in Orlando is one of the biggest McDonald’s in the world.

Located at 6875 Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, FL. It’s just off International drive, a large tourist strip. It has two full floors, with a two story play area featuring 25,000 feet of slides and tubes to play in for the kids. It also has arcade games inside plus tourist information booths.

Located close to Universal Studios, Orlando’s largest McDonalds can’t be missed with the giant box of fries painted on the outside. So if you like eating at McDonald’s, make sure you stop by and see what the world’s largest McDonald’s fast food joint looks like!


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