Orlando, Florida summer weather tips

Orlando, Florida weather tips

Well tropical storm Debbie has now left the state of Florida. Here in central Florida it did not do much damage. In fact we needed the rain here so it was nice. However I’m sorry about the flooding and damage it did elsewhere in the state.

I thought this would be a good time for some quick Florida summer weather tips. The weather in Florida is a bit strange to folks outside the state, just like most of the people who live here. 😀

Normally all summer long, day after day it’s the same thing. You wake up to a very still, hot and humid day with sunny skies. It stays that way until anywhere from 2:00 to say 5:00 PM.

Then suddenly dark clouds show up fast and rain pours down. You don’t get much warning about that. One minute your dry, the next it’s pouring buckets. It will last for around 30 minutes to two hours.

Then just as suddenly it will stop, the clouds move out and it’s sunny again. Within an hour the ground is dry and you can’t even tell it had been raining. Funny huh!

So plan your outside activities for the mornings until noon or so, and evenings. But be prepared for rain in the afternoon sometime. Once the rain stops it almost never starts up again until the next day.

Unless we are getting a hurricane of course! But those mostly affect the coastline, not central Florida. Not to say you should not keep track of them however. You normally have several days notice of hurricanes here.

Summer in Florida is yes,,,, humid! Very humid, like walking around in the heat with a wet blanket over you, that kind. So be prepared for that and forget about keeping your hair perfect.

Wear light clothing and light colors as well to beat the heat. Finally the Florida sun is hot, damn hot! You always get much more sun damage to your skin than you think you are.

So wear plenty of sunscreen, keep in the shade when you can and consider wearing a hat. For the first time this year I got sunburn on the top of my scalp. No I am not bald!

Follow those basic tips and that should get you through a Florida summer. Never get too much sun, it seems to get stronger each year down here. Now get out there and have fun! :)