Orlando Theme park water ride tips

Theme park water rides

Summer is here in Orlando, Florida, which means all the kids want to go on the theme park water rides! I’m always surprised to see parents acting shocked when they go on a water ride and get a lot more wet then they think they will.

I guess a lot of folks think that the theme parks would not dare to get them too wet. HA ha ha! Yes they will, and they do. Some water rides get you more wet than others of course. But basically if you go on a water ride, expect and dress as if someone is going to throw a 5 gallon bucket of water over you.

I’m not talking about water parks or kiddie water play areas. All the theme parks have at least one real ride that involves water, lots of it! The whole point is to get you wet, so expect to do so.

Some of the most popular ones are Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls and Popeye & Bluto’s bilge rat barges at Universal Studios. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens also have some cool water rides.

A lot of folks take a chance, thinking they can stay out of the range of water surges and water falls and not get too wet. That’s a losing bet, trust me. Your going to get your feet, head and body soaked.

Because of that you don’t want to wear your shoes, sneakers and socks on these rides. You also don’t want to keep a wallet in your pockets, or anything else you don’t want wet in there.

Same goes for cameras and phones. You should bring a backpack or duffel bag with flip flops or sandals for everyone (unless that is all your wearing anyways on your feet). Throw in a change of socks and a few towels too. Before you get to a water ride you want to change into your flip flops and take everything in your pockets out.

Put them in your bag along with all electronics and seek out the nearest lockers. Most water rides have a nearby locker area they clearly mark. If not find the closest ones where you are on your theme park map.

Store all your items you don’t want with you in there. Now you can really enjoy the water ride, have fun and not be trying to jump out of your seat because your trying to keep your pants or shoes dry.

This brings me to a tip for the ladies. If your wearing a top or bottom that gets transparent when wet, don’t wear that type of clothing on a water ride or be prepared for lots of stares if you do.

White shorts, t-shirts and pants are the worst. I remember seeing a girl in skin tight white pants wearing a black thong get soaked on a ride. She had a lot of eyes on her until she got dried out!

Your going to mess up your hair and makeup too. So remember that and don’t worry about it, after all your there to have fun. If you really can’t stand getting your hair or makeup messed up, avoid the water rides. Remember, you WILL get wet!! 😀