Orlando vacation theme parks and water parks

Well everyone, the title to this post seems pretty simple huh? Theme parks and water parks in Orlando. Heck we all know who they are, don’t we? Well actually maybe not! Orlando is growing very fast, and so are the theme parks. Also the major theme parks keep adding new parks! So it can be confusing to keep track of all the big theme and water parks in Orlando.

So I want to make a nice list of them. Now, when I say theme parks, I mean big ones, and I mean each different park in each complex. Disney World, for instance, is a giant mix of 7 or more parks. Water parks are a mix of ones in the big theme parks and other smaller ones all by themselves. I’ll start with the most popular ones first, shall we!

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom
This is the park that has Cinderellas castle. Oldest and most famous of all theme parks in Orlando. Has lots of rides for young kids.

More of a learning type of park, but has it’s share of rides. Also has the different countries you walk through and can sample foods from around the world,,,,, for a price.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
A movie type of theme park where you see live action shows, movie sets and so on. Also has some very cool rides.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Disney’s newest park. Features live animals of all kinds from around the world. Has some cool rides and lots of interesting things to see and do.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach
A very nice water park that is made to look like a snow covered mountain. Makes me cold every time I go there!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
My kind of water park! Tropical setting with many slides, rivers and wave pool.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida
The oldest park. Has many fast thrill rides for the older kids and adults with a strong stomach. Also has a section for little kids.

Islands Of Adventure
Their newest park. Has high speed roller coasters and rides you want to be in good shape in. Great for teens and dates so you can show off! 😉 They do have a section for young kids, but you can do that area in about an hour.

Wet n Wild
This use to be owned by a private company, but Universal owns it now. It’s just down the road from the main Universal parks. Big water park with many slides, rivers and fun water things to do.

Sea World

Sea World theme park
The main park. Filled with aquatic wildlife, like dolphins, orcas (killer wales), sea lions and so on. Nice shows and an easy going type of park.

Discovery Cove
A cool park where you get personal service and a chance to swim with dolphins as well as other fun things. Great for kids who always wanted to get up close to dolphins.

Sea Worlds new water park they just opened in 2008. Very state of the art water park that has clear tubes you can slide down that go under a lagoon with dolphins! Lots of other fun rides too.

So those are the major theme parks and water parks in Orlando. However there are many more smaller attractions, including other attractions at the above parks. Like Downtown Disney’s marketplace, Universal’s CityWalk nightlife, smaller mini parks, Gatorland and a few other places. As you can see, there are many things to do besides just the few top theme parks.


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