Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney 2012

Osborne family spectacle of dancing lights at Disney

Spotlight on Disney World in Orlando, Florida. November 9, 2012 – January 6, 2013 will feature the musical magic of the Osborne Family Spectacle of dancing Lights. Located inside Disney Hollywood Studios Theme Park, this light show has graced the park since 1995.

The synchronized holiday light spectacular takes place on the Streets of America section of the park and is free with the purchase of a park ticket to Disney Hollywood Studios.

This grand display, which is now occasionally topped off with the magic of snow in Florida, started at the Arkansas home of the Osborne family. Jennings Osborne and family started small and grew their light and music display until it was so large they knew they had to share it with more people than the small town in Arkansas. That’s when Disney World offered to help them out.

In 1995, Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida welcomed the sheets of lights that draped over entire buildings. Other lights cover angels and spinning carousels. Even Santa and the reindeer show up.

Visitors to the park are treated to a strategically choreographed dance of lights that is beautifully synchronized to holiday music. There is no need to schedule time in the park specifically around the Osborne Family Light Show.

Every ten minutes the park lights dim and the holiday music lights the Streets of America section of the park. This is a definite must see for anyone visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida during November and December.

Having seen it a few times myself I can say that you simply cannot imagine how amazing the lights are. The shear number of them is incredible, with blinking lights, moving figures and all set to music.

So if your visiting Disney this holidays season, make sure you go to Hollywood Studios and stay late to see the lights. You’ll be glad you did and the kids will have a ton of fun!