Re-done Spider Man ride at Universal Studios running again!

Re-done spiderman ride now running!

For all you Spiderman ride fans, I’m happy to say they have finished re-doing the ride at Universal Studios and it’s now running again! They closed it down for a complete overhaul not long ago.

Basically they have updated the projection screen to high definition, so everything looks better with more detail. The basic plot remains the same, but with new scenes and a little bit different layout.

It also has a new sound system and a 3D projection. So combined it really makes it quite a bit different than the old ride and so it will be like going on it for the first time.

The very end also is smoothed out and slowed down a bit, when the car is falling to the ground. Everything is a bit rushed there, and you can’t take in much as everything is happening so fast.

But now it’s been slowed down a bit so you know where you are and what’s going on, adding to the effect. There also is a computer-generated version of Stan Lee somewhere in the ride screen, I’m not sure where he appears.

So if you love the Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure, you want to make sure you take a ride on it soon and experience the new version. I’ll be going on it in the next few weeks myself! :)