Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster At Universal Studios Officially Open

rip ride rockit roller coaster officially open


Well after only a week for the soft opening Universal Studios Orlando has officially opened their new roller coaster, rip ride rockit! It’s a bit unusual to have only a week for a soft opening of a new ride before making it officially open. Normally they want more time to get all the bugs worked out of it so they don’t run the risk of disappointing the guest.

I think it’s because they want to make it open so they can use it for the last week or two of summer. However I do know that some of the cameras it uses to make a video for the guest, and also some of the soundtrack systems is not fully functional. My bet is they are risking the trade off of maybe getting some guest upset in return for being able to say their new ride is open, so come on down!

I STILL have not gone on it yet, sorry about that. I just have not had the time to get down there. But very soon I will ride it so I can give you a first hand review of it. The guest that have rode it seem very happy with it. So, Universal Studio’s Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster IS officially now open! Come on down and try it out! :)