Roadside roses in Orlando for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! If your in Orlando on vacation you might be thinking about where you can get some roses or other gifts for your sweetie for Valentines. There actually are many places you can buy some roses, heart shaped chocolates and cards for Valentines day around the tourist areas.

The catch is, they are a bit cheap. As in mass produced and a bit low grade. Going into any large grocery store like the Publix chain you will find Valentines cards, chocolates, balloons and roses. Every 7-11, and you find them about every mile in Orlando, will have some cheap roses, cards and trinkets for Valentines day.

Even the many gift shops will have a few things to give your sweetheart for Valentines Day. One thing you will find down here, and it seems to be something you find just in Florida, are the many vans parked by the road selling roses. That’s right, today if you drive around your sure to see a van parked on the side of major roads with the back door open selling fresh roses, cheap too!

In fact, a little too cheap. They often sell them for around 10 bucks a dozen or so. How do they sell them so cheap? Well, most of the roses they sell are “seconds”. What that means is the big flower auctions and processors discard roses that are not perfect. Ones that are missing a petal, maybe got a stem bent, or has been around over so many days are discarded.

These roadside vendors raid the dumpsters or even buy a big bulk bunch of these seconds and resell them on the road. So the roses might look good at first sight, and they may in fact be okay,,, for a day or two. But most of the time they die within a day or three from when you buy them. Or they never open up.

So unless you want to give your mate dead roses, I would recommend you bypass the roadside vans selling roses. If you look around in the yellow pages or online you can find some florist shops around that will send roses to hotels in the theme park area, or anywhere in Orlando for that matter. Here are a few close by the theme parks:

Walt Disney World Florist

Kissimmee Florist

Just flowers

Pro Flowers

So I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day vacation here in Orlando. The crowds are light and the weather is perfect, so get out and have a great time. Take in a nice restaurant this evening and have that romantic night out. Me, I’ll be watching a movie or something!


  1. Sara Foster says:

    Can anyone suggest a very good Florist near Greenwell Springs Louisianna ? i prefer one who specializes in Tulips.*”;

  2. Wall Heater : says:

    when i go to a gift shop, i always look for cute little stuffed animals and other cute stuffs,*’

  3. Lan Tester ยท says:

    we always go on gift shops whenever we want to find something to give on special occasions .:~