Sea World killer whale Kalina dies suddenly

Sea World killer whale Kalina dies
(AP Photo/SeaWorld Orlando, Steve Szerdy)

I’m saddened to inform you that one of Sea World’s killer whales has died suddenly. Kalina, a 25 year old female killer whale, seemed fine on Sunday. But Monday she seemed sick and died soon after.

Kalina was born at Sea World from her mother Katina. She had several calves of her own since then. The cause of death will not be known until they do a necropsy, results which can take up to 6 weeks.

It has not been a good year for Sea World Orlando, with the death of one of their long time killer whale trainers Dawn Brancheau coming months ago. She was killed by Tilikum, a large male killer whale.

Because of that and now this Sea World has been under attack by the animal rights groups who say Sea World should no longer keep killer whales. They think it’s cruel to keep them and should let them go into the sea.

Also a few months ago a killer whale named Taima died from complications from giving birth to a calve at Sea World Orlando. Two killer whales and a trainer dying all in the same year can not be good for SeaWorld.

I myself love Sea World. It’s never too crowded, has lots of shade as you walk around and it’s relaxing with all the animals around. They have great animal and marine exhibits.

But I must say this whole killer whale stuff has me thinking. I don’t think Sea World needs them, even if they are the major attraction at the moment. They are just so big and so smart, it seems a shame to keep them in small pools.

I think just as many people would come without the killer whales. They now have great rides and lots of other marine wildlife and animals to showcase. I don’t think Sea World needs to keep the killer whales. What do you think?


  1. denise Poeliojoe says:

    they can not take all the killer whales away they were born in captivity so they stay in
    captivity it is not fair I say KEEP! Please do not let them go.

  2. Denise Poelijoe says:

    If they want to get rid of something get rid of the rides not the gorgeos shamus.PLEASE do not let them go.

  3. chloe kent says:

    dont take away a poor animal how would you like it to be took away from a home your used to

  4. Natasha Lincoln says:

    why do you want them to stay? So that they can kill yet another person? Look this whales are to big! get dolphins but killer whales are meant to be in the sea! they cant live in such a small space that they give them! They need a bigger space to grow and be happy!

  5. Denise Poelijoe says:

    please do not take them away I would like to be with them when I grow up.At seaworld orlando.= – (

  6. Concerned ex employee says:

    That whale that died in 1992 from giving birth is not what I witnessed, I worked there and she had an abscess tooth infection and rammed her head in the wall all night long, the baby was not term, they cut the baby out in an effort to save the baby and lost them both. I was there, I was working the Shamu Stadium that night and witnessed the whole thing. I never worked another day at Sea World and have not ever been back since. From talking to all the people there that morning, there were several workers that expressed that if she were in nature that there were things in the ocean she could have consumed for medications naturally.

    It was tragic. I cried the whole way home that morning and then cried myself to sleep from what I had witnessed.

    The only pregnancy complications they had were as a result of the death, not the other way around.
    That is a false statement. Only myself and one other girl were there for the entire night assigned to that tank/stadium while this whole thing happened, her and I led her into the med tank with the net and waited hours until help arrived.

  7. Orca whale sea world it on you tube