Sea World’s Aquatica Omaka Rocka new water ride

Sea World's Aquatica Omaka Rocka new water ride

Sea World’s new water park, Aquatica, is getting a brand new and fun water slide for this spring. Called Omaka Rocka, it will be a two-seater tube ride you slide down inside a pipe. What makes it different than the rest is that you will hit walls that you slide high up on, like a skate boarder doing a half-pipe trick.

You’ll end up rocking back and forth on the walls, feeling almost weightless at each peak. Finally at the end you’ll come skimming out into a splashdown area. It’s the first new water slide Aquatica has added since it opened two years ago. It will share the Whanau Way tower already there.

I’ve seen it under construction, and they should have no problem getting it done to open on time, which is March. It looks like a lot of fun and I’ll be sure to ride it once it’s open. Aquatica is a very fun park and well worth it to spend a day there!

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