SeaWorld Orlando 4th of July fireworks, shows 2011

If your a SeaWorld fan chances are your wondering what will be going on there this 4th of July 2011. The park hours will be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM and will feature many cool things going on throughout the night.

Actually many of the shows and events on the fourth of July at SeaWorld Orlando are on every night during the summer. But there will be some special shows and fireworks for July 4th 2011.

At 8:30 p.m and 9:45 p.m you can see Shamu Rocks, a special show at the Shamu Stadium. Watch Shamu and other killer whales perform high energy tricks and stunts with cool music, lights and giant screens.

Another summer evening show is Bayside Ski Jam. This is a night time show that features expert water skiers on skis, boats and jet skis as they perform stunts set to music and lights.

But the best will be the SeaWorld Orlando 4th of July fireworks, 2011. That happens during the special July fourth Reflections show, which has a normal show each night during the summer also.

On July 4th 2011 at SeaWorld the Reflections show will feature the 13th Army Band, Florida National Guard. This 40 piece band will play classic and current tunes, gearing them up for the special Fourth of July Reflections show with additional fireworks timed to patriotic music.

SeaWorld’s Reflections show has a combination of music, lasers, lights, lit up dancing water fountains and of course the fireworks as the big finale. The fireworks are very good with both high and low fireworks.

So there you have it, the SeaWorld Orlando 4th of July fireworks and shows for 2011! It’s going to be a great night filled with lots to see and do. So check out SeaWorld Orlando this fourth of July for great shows and fireworks! :)